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Hoodata Introduction
Hoodata 1 (Spring 1974)
Hoodata 2 (Summer 1974)
Hoodata 3 (Autumn 1974)
Hoodata 4 (Winter 1974/75)
Hoodata 5 (Spring 1975)
Hoodata 6 (Summer 1975)
Hoodata 7 (Autumn 1975)
Hoodata 8 (Summer 1977)
Hoodata 9 (Autumn 1978)
Hoodata 2.1 (April 1980)
Hoodata 2.2 (November 1980)
Hoodata 2.3 (May 1981)
Hoodata 2.4 (December 1981)


Hoodata was an occasional newsletter which ran from 1974 to 1981. It was published on sheets of foolscap, and, as its name suggests, was only concerned with academical hoods.

Every issue of Hoodata is reprinted here with the kind permission of its two editors, Squadron Leader Alan Birt and Dr Robin Rees.

An attempt has been made to reproduce as closely as possible the layout and format of the original text, including the final edition which was printed in two columns. Also at the top of edition 1, 2, 4 and 6, an overall heading which read Academic and Theological Hood Study Group and included Alan Birt's address, has been omitted.

Where it has been considered necessary to deviate from the original text - for example, to highlight errors or remove sensitive information - all additions, deletions or annotations are clearly marked in red and enclosed in square brackets [like this].