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receipt of stamped AN OCCASIONAL NEWSLETTER Edited by A E BIRT
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Number TWO (Summer 1974)


Over one hundred copies of the first edition of "HOODATA" were sent out by post. About thirty people have asked for future copies so this forms a viable group and it is hoped to produce "HOODATA" every few months. Contributions are most welcome and if not typewritten, should be in clear handwriting.

It would be greatly appreciated if readers would send to the Editor the name and address of anyone likely to be interested in reading "HOODATA".


For many years Anglican Readers have been able to continue their theological studies and obtain the Archbishops' Diploma for Readers after completing a series of advanced examinations. The standard of this qualification equates to that of a University Diploma in Theology. Recently the regulations and syllabus for this qualification have been revised and one new regulation is that holders of the diploma may use the letters 'A.Dip.R.' after their names. It was also proposed that a distinctive theological hood should be introduced for Readers holding the Archbishops' Diploma but, unfortunately, the Archbishops did not agree with this suggestion. This is a great pity as the standard way of showing scholarship in ecclesiastical dress is by wearing a hood over the surplice. Readers who have qualified for the Archbishops' Diploma have demonstrated their high academic and intellectual abilities and to wear an appropriate hood will further enhance their status and esteem which is both justified and deserved.

However, all is not lost! "HOODATA" is pleased to announce that the Central School of Religion (a State Chartered Institution) has given recognition to the A.Dip.R. by exempting diploma holders from all parts of the examinations for the CSR Associateship in Theology (A.Th.) except for the topic on Systematic Theology. This means that by completing the Systematic Theology papers, A.Dip.R. holders may qualify for the CSR A.Th. hood - simple shape black stuff bound with one-inch of old-gold (made by Ede & Ravenscroft). Further details may be obtained from The Secretary, Central School of Religion, [address removed].


The Presbyterian Theological Faculty of Ireland by Rev A.W. Godfrey Brown, BA, BD.

This Faculty was established under Royal Charter in 1881 and consists of the theological professors of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland. It grants the degrees of BD by examination and DD honoris causa. The regulations regarding the degrees are issued by the Presbyterian College, Belfast, which states that "the costumes for the degree of DD and BD shall be of a gown of black silk or stuff; the hood for DD shall be of black cloth lined with purple silk and for BD shall be of black silk lined with purple silk and bordered with white fur." No official description has ever been given for the style of black gown to be worn for these degrees. It seems that the original design for the hoods was the Edinburgh simple shape and the writer has seen several of these hoods which are still in existence. At some point the pattern was changed, probably by a robemaker, and the result is that the DD hood is now invariably made in the full shape of the style used by the University of Dublin, in black cloth, lined and edged with purple silk. The BD degree is rather infrequently awarded since the college is also a recognised college of the Queen's University, Belfast, and prepares students for the BD degree of the university. The hood for the BD in recent years has usually been similar to the BA hood of the University of Dublin, lined with purple silk and bound around cape and cowl with white fur, and with a neckband of black silk edged with purple silk. Occasionally, however, a simple shape has been used, similar to the BA hood of the Queen's University, Belfast.

I N F O R M A T I O N---W A N T E D

A correspondent has the following hoods in his collection which he cannot identify: can anyone help, please?

----- a. Edinburgh simple shape, black silk lined with purple silk and bound all round with half-inch of green silk.

----- b. Oxford simple shape, black silk with an inside facing of two-inches light-blue silk and bound with pink silk. (Editor's note: probably original style BMus Nottingham)

----- c. Oxford simple shape, black silk with an inside edging all round of light-brown silk and a white fur trimming along the inside edge of the light-brown silk. (Editor's note: could this be BDS Manchester?)

H O O D---I N F O R M A T I O N

The following hoods are not included in the fifth edition of Haycraft's book

St Columba's Theological Hostel Simple shape black silk, edged with moss-green silk. This was a bogus institution founded in 1909 and 'sold' the right to wear the hood: following the request in "HOODATA" no 1, this information was kindly supplied by Mr Vanheems of the House of Vanheems.

North West Ordination Course Simple shape black russell cord, lined with grey silk and with an inside facing of five-inches of flame-coloured silk and outside edging (half-inch) of flame-coloured silk.(Editor's note: presumably flame-colour is orange/red)

Royal Northern College of Music - Graduate(GRNCM) Simple shape Royal-purple silk, lined and edged all round with saffron-yellow silk.

Trinity College, Bristol Full shape red poplin, lined with black silk and with a three inch border on the cowl of grey silk.

Salisbury and Wells Theological College Full shape [square cape added in handwriting] grey silk, with a two-colour lining, the outer half being old-gold and the inner half being Sarum-red; the cape is edged with one-inch of turquoise-blue.

Curwen College of Music LCCM Full shape russet watered silk, bound with old-gold satin, 2½inches inside, ¼inch outside: FCCM Full shape russet watered silk, lined with old-gold satin [These were in fact Warham Guild full shape - NWG].

(more new hoods in the next edition)