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Sqn Ldr A E Birt
[address removed]
Number five: Spring 1975

Pressure of work in my official duties and also my Open University course has held up the production of another 'HOODATA'. This is a rapidly produced edition but I hope to revert to the usual style for the next edition which is likely to be issued during the summer break.

Some Lesser-Known Hood-Prescribing Organisations

Evangelical Institute of Theology - Simple shape navy blue russell cord, fully lined with sky-blue silk. This hood may be worn by those awarded the Institute's Diploma in Theology. Further details of the regulations and tuition course may be obtained from (send a postage-stamp) The Registrar, Evangelical Institute of Theology, [name and address removed].

British Institute for Academic Studies - Full shape (London) black silk, fully lined with crimson silk and edged all round with white fur. This institute was founded at about the turn of the century and awarded a Lower Certificate (equivalent to Matriculation), a Higher Certificate (of Intermediate degree standard) and a Diploma (at Pass degree level). The hood may be worn by diploma holders. Its concepts were similar to the present-day Open University in that no specific entry requirements were laid down, the equivalent of 'credit-exemption' was allowed, and its main aim was to ensure a university standard of education was available to all who cared to work for it. Although active and vigorous before the first world war, it later declined and eventually faded away when its Newcastle premises were demolished in the late 1960s.

St Mark's Institute of Theology - ATh Full shape black poplin, edged all round with one inch of mid-grey silk: LTh Full shape black silk, fully lined and edged all round with one inch of mid-grey silk: GTh Full shape scarlet silk, edged all round with one inch of mid-grey silk: FTh Full shape scarlet silk, fully lined and edged all round with one inch of mid-grey silk: AChMus Simple shape black cloth bound inside and out with one and a half inches of mid-grey velvet: MChMus Simple shape scarlet silk bound inside and out with three inches of mid-grey velvet. The origins of this institute date back to 1869. After re-organisation in 1920, it awarded its diplomas by examination to its students until 1968. (The Graduate in Theology diploma was abolished in 1928 and the Church Music awards introduced in the 1960s.) From 1969, the Centenary year, its awards have been honorary. The names of the Governing Council and its office address are not published but it is believed to be based in Cambridge: it formerly had premises in Tottenham, London. It appears to be respectable and its honorary awards are made on a merit basis only for which no charge is made (unlike some institutions!) One cannot apply for an award but it seems that recipients of the honorary diplomas are nominated by area governors. Holders of these honorary awards range from bishops to lay-readers and include church administrators, cathedral organists, theological college staff as well as parochial clergy and also free-church ministers.

Philosophical Society of England - Full shape [London - NWG] dark-green silk, fully lined with a light-green shot silk. This body provides courses and holds examinations for Associate (APhS) and Fellow (FPhS) diplomas: the hood may be worn by Fellows. Full details of the syllabus and regulations may be obtained from (send a postage-stamp) The Registrar, Philosophical Society of England, [name and address removed].

[There were in fact two other FPhS hoods - one of the same colours as here, but in simple shape, unused since 1945; and the current one, full shape (London) in dark green watered silk lined pale blue. There is also an unofficial APhS hood - simple shape (Oxford or Burgon) black stuff, bound all round with ½" mid-green silk. NWG]

Central School of Religion - ATh Simple shape black stuff bound with one inch of old-gold silk: LTh Simple shape black stuff, lined with black silk and bound with two inches of old-gold silk: ThSoc (Theologiæ Socius - Fellow in Theology) Simple shape black silk fully lined with old-gold silk. This State-chartered [The editor means USA-chartered - NWG] institution provides tuition courses for its awards. Full details of the regulations and syllabus may be obtained from (send a postage-stamp) The President, Central School of Religion, [name and address removed].