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***************** Sqn Ldr A E Birt
* H O O D A T A * [address removed]

Issued free on receipt of
stamped-addressed envelope

Number 7 (Autumn 1975)

Editor's note: Having now settled into my new appointment, I find that it will be possible to continue the publication of HOODATA, at least for the time being. This is a short edition to keep up-to-date; a further issue will be produced early in 1976.

N E W---H O O D S

Society of Radiographers DSR Diploma holders may wear a hood of black silk in the simple shape, lined with white silk, and edged with blue and gold bands.

Royal College of General Practitioners MRCGP Members may wear a hood in the simple shape, of black russell-cord, lined to a depth of five inches with white silk.

Royal College of Surgeons MRCS Members may wear a full shape hood of black russell-cord, lined with black silk, and edged around the cape with two inches of red silk.

Central School of Religion DMus Full shape scarlet silk, lined with grey silk, and edged all round with old-gold silk [This was actually lined with pink silk - NWG].


Institute of Commerce FCI Full shape purple silk edged with old-gold velvet, two inches outside and one inch inside. (This corrects the information published in HOODATA 1)

Warminster Theological College The coloured silk edging is 'nobilita-purple' and the one-inch edging on the cape is ¼ inch from the edge (This corrects the information in the fifth edition of Haycraft's book) [Actually it is the cowl edging that is set in - NWG].

St John's College, Nottingham (formerly the London College of Divinity) The former diploma of Associate (ALCD) has been replaced by the award of a Licence in Theology (LTh) and holders of the ALCD may 'trade-in' the diploma for the LTh. The LTh uses the same hood as the ALCD. For those who did not qualify as ALCD/LTh, the college prescribed a simple shape black stuff hood, edged with 1¼ inches of scarlet. This has now been replaced with a full shape black stuff hood, lined and edged with maroon.

S O M E---L E S S E R - K N O W N---H O O D - P R E S C R I B I N G
B O D I E S (continued)

Faculty of Teachers in Commerce Fellows (FFTCom) may wear a simple shape black hood, lined with royal blue silk with a one-inch band of gold silk on the lining, ¼ inch from the edge. Fellows must have three acceptable qualifications and five years teaching experience. (The term 'Commerce' is widely interpreted to include Geography, Economics, Administration, Accountancy, etc. Full details are available from the General Secretary, [address removed].

[The MRCS hood and that for the MRCGP appear to be 'phantom hoods': no-one seems to be aware of their existence. The FFTCom hood was made privately for the Faculty; it was of ribbed rayon, lined with a rather nasty blue nylon taffeta, and the gold band was set a good inch in. It was a modified Manchester simple shape (They once sent me one to look at) - NWG.]