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Number EIGHT (summer 1977)

The long delay in producing another HOODATA is regretted but pressure of work has caused the task to be continually postponed until "next-week" - however, over the August break, "next-week" eventually arrived!

Institute of Physics. This body has followed the Royal Institute of Chemistry and introduced academic dress - the hood is Oxford Burgon shape violet damask, lined with dark red taffeta. [A second hood was introduced later. See Hoodata 9 - NWG].

Cranmer Hall Theological College (Protestant Evangelical Church of England)
A diploma of Licentiateship has been introduced and the hoods are now as follows

ATh Oxford Burgon shape black poplin, lined with grey poplin and the cowl bound with one-inch of purple silk: the neckband is plain
LTh Oxford Burgon shape black poplin, lined with grey poplin and the cowl bound with purple silk, one-inch outside and three inches inside: the neckband is plain
FTh Oxford Burgon shape black poplin, lined with grey poplin and the cowl bound with three-inches of purple silk inside and out: the neckband is plain.

Australian College of Theology The details on page 58 in the 5th edition of Haycraft's 'Hoodbook' are long out of date. Here are the new hoods and it is noted that there is now no hood for ATh. ('Edged with silk' in this case means bound with one-inch outside and three-inches inside)

ThD Full shape scarlet cloth lined with black silk and edged with dove-grey silk.
ThSchol Full shape black silk lined with purple silk and edged with dove-grey silk
MTh Full shape black silk lined with old-gold silk and edged with dove- grey silk.
BTh Full shape black silk lined with olive-green silk and edged with dove-grey silk.
ThL Full shape black stuff edged with dove-grey silk
ThDip Full shape black stuff piped with cord of dove-grey silk.
DipMin (Diploma in Ministry) Full shape black stuff edged with Cambridge-blue silk and piped with a cord of dove-grey silk.

Hartley Victoria College, Manchester (Methodist; now closed) Full shape mid- blue silk, fully lined with silver-grey silk.

Free Protestant Episcopal Church of England. Can anyone supply details of the appropriate hoods for the theological qualifications awarded by this small denomination?

St Mark's Institute of Theology. An enthusiastic correspondent is researching about this body. Some details are given in HOODATA 5 and the editor has collected some leaflets published by St Mark's College over the years. Some of these came from the late Dr Rogers, editor-in-chief of 5th Haycraft, who knew several of the people connected with St Mark's. Its awards are now honorary and it seems to issue an 'honours list' periodically. All known recipients of the awards seem to be eminent and deserving of such an honour - it appears to be a respectable and responsible body although neither the committee-members names nor its office address is published. Some people find this casts doubt on its 'bona fides' but the blatantly-bogus institutions willingly quote their address and the names (complete with bogus degrees!) of the committee so the absence of this information about St Mark's is not really conclusive. It can only be judged on its merits and this means deciding if the recipients of the honours are worthy of them. St Mark's awards are listed in at least one Church Yearbook and are also recognised by an English university for inclusion in the list of qualifications of staff. The editor has heard, directly or indirectly, of the following recipients of St Mark's honorary awards

FThA bishop in the north of England
FThA bishop in the south-east of England
AThA lay reader in the Chester diocese
MChMusAn organist at an English cathedral
AChMusAn organist in Bedfordshire
LThA retired priest in Edinburgh
LThA diocesan secretary in the north of England
MChMusA former cathedral school headmaster
Two organists in Edinburgh
AThA lay reader in Sussex
LThTwo priests in northern Scotland
FThThe principal of a Bible College
AThA lay preacher of a non-conformist denomination

Some years ago the editor saw a St Mark's LTh hood (it was made by Vanheems): its sombreness of black and grey was very attractive and such a contrast with bogus hoods which are invariably bright and gaudy. He has also seen the AChMus hood. If anyone can give any further information about St Mark's Institute of Theology, please write.

Academical Dress of British Universities by G W Shaw. Information received last year indicated that a few copies of this book, which is well-illustrated, were still available at £2-50 from the author (and signed by him, if requested). Enquiries to Dr Shaw at [address removed]

London College of Music New hood designs were introduced last year
LLCM Full shape black silk, fully lined with light-blue silk
FLCM Full shape black silk, fully lined with light-blue silk and with three-inches of lemon silk inside the cowl. (No change for GLCM)

Personal Note
The editor has been appointed Examiner in Ecclesiastical History by Cranmer Hall Theological College and Qualifications Adviser by the Faculty of Teachers in Commerce.