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H O O D A T A Editor:
Squadron Leader A E Birt
[address removed]

Issue number nine (Autumn 1978)

Editor's Note---This is the last issue of Hoodata. Soon I retire from the Royal Air Force and will be starting a new career: I have obtained the appointment of Lecturer in Educational Technology at Solihull College of Technology.

It has been fun to produce this occasional newsletter and I hope the recipients have enjoyed it. However, I shall not be able to produce further issues but will be happy to correspond on the subject of academic dress. Later in the autumn it is likely that my address will be [address removed], telephone [telephone number removed] but mail will be forwarded by the RAF for several years.

Earlier this year I was awarded the L. Th. diploma by Cranmer Hall (Protestant Evangelical Church of England) [See Hoodata 8].

Hood Information

Geneva Theological College now awards a Diploma of Licentiate in Church Music (L Ch Mus). It is at a level between the Archbishop's Certificate [A Cert CM] and Diploma [A D CM] in Church Music. The hood is simple shape black silk, lined with two inches of red silk and bound with half inch of pink velvet [This diploma was, in fact, never awarded - NWG].

Faculty of Secretaries ([address removed])

AFCS---Full shape black silk, edged with green silk.

FFCS---Full shape black silk, lined and edged with green silk.

National College of Divinity ([address removed])

B Th---Simple shape black silk, edged with red silk.

M Th---Simple shape black silk, lined with red silk.

[These two 'degrees' were completely bogus, and not validated by any university - NWG]

Institute of Physics A hood for members and fellows has been approved, in addition to the graduate hood previously reported [See Hoodata 8]. Its shape is similar to the Toronto doctor's hood. Full shape violet damask, lined with violet taffeta and edged with two inches of red silk.

Institute of Biology Consideration has been given to the introduction of academic dress but no further information has been received.

Scottish Domestic Science Diploma It is understood that there is a hood for this qualification but details are elusive - can anyone help?

General Notes

St Mark's Institute of Theology Since the last Hoodata, several more recipients of St Mark's awards have been reported but no further information about the organisation has been obtained.

Victoria College of Music This body awards diplomas in various subjects besides Music, including "Bible Reading".

Register of Academic and Professional Qualifications

It is reported that a national register of qualifications is being planned which will prescribe simple plain hoods for various college certificates. It will be possible to register in retrospect and so most teachers, librarians, etc will be able to obtain a distinctive hood, according to their college.

Stop Press
The Council of the Institute of Biology is to consider the academic dress proposal in the autumn. The suggested colours for the hood are red (blood) and green (chlorophyll).