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Transactions of the Burgon Society

Transactions of the Burgon Society is the annual journal of the Society. From its first edition in 2001 until its fourth edition in 2004, it was called The Burgon Society Annual, but since 2005 has held its present title.

Each edition presented here is in PDF format. Depending on the system you are using, you may wish to download the edition before reading it by right-clicking on the title or image and saving it to your hard disk.

In order to help identify articles, a list of contents is provided for each edition.

2001 Annual

The Burgon Society Annual 2001 (1.5 MB)

Towards a Standard Terminology for Describing Academic Dress. Nicholas Groves
A Short History of the Burgon Society. Nicholas Groves
Academical Dress in New Zealand. Noel Cox
The Origins and Development of Academical Dress at the Victoria University of Manchester. Philip Lowe

2002 Annual

The Burgon Society Annual 2002 (11 MB)

Burgon - A Hooded Progress. John Birch
Who may wear the 'Literate's Hood'? Nicholas Groves
French University Dress: Regulations and Custom. Bruno Neveu
The Evolution of the Oxford Simple Shape. Bruce Christianson

2003 Annual

The Burgon Society Annual 2003 (12.5 MB)

Academic Dress in Museum Collections. Susan North
Evolution of Hood Patterns. Nicholas Groves
Oxford Blues: The Search for the Origins of the Lay Bachelors' Hood. Bruce Christianson
Illustrations of Oxford Bachelors of Civil Law. Alex Kerr
Designing a College Trustee Gown. John Lundy
J.W.Burgon and the Eponymous Hood: A Trawl through Oxford University Archives. Clifford Dunkley
Reclothing Curwen. Nicholas Groves
Academical Dress in the University of Westminster. Philip Goff

2004 Annual

The Burgon Society Annual 2004 (30.5 MB)

The Regulation of Undergraduate Dress at Oxford and Cambridge, 1660-1832. William Gibson
Wearing Mummy's Clothes: An Introduction to Academical Archaeology. Nicholas Groves and Bruce Christianson
Unrecorded Engravings of Oxford Academic Dress from the Early Nineteenth Century. Alex Kerr
Academical Dress at the University of Sheffield: A Timeline. Nicholas Gledhill
In the Pink: The Strange Case of Trinity College Dublin. Bruce Christianson
Historical English Academic Robes: A Basis for a 'National' System.Nicholas Groves

Transactions vol. 5

Transactions of the Burgon Society Volume 5 (2005) (34 MB)

Academic Dress in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. William Gibson
Academic Dress in Germany: Part I - A Historical Outline and the Development of a New System. Thorsten Hauler
The Question of Ecclesiastical Influences on French Academic Dress. Yves Mausen
Layer upon Layer: The Evolution of Cassock, Gown, Habit and Hood as Academic Dress. Alex Kerr
'A Hood for the Minister': Some Thoughts on Academic Hoods as Recorded in Eighteenth- and Early-Nineteenth-Century Church Inventories. Nicholas Groves
Lambeth Degree Academic Dress. Noel Cox
'With Velvet Facings': The Original London Robes. Nicholas Groves
Lined with Gold: London University and the Colour of Science. Bruce Christianson
The BCC Numbering System: Back to the Future? Elizabeth Scott
Academical Dress at Platt Hall, Manchester. Susan North

Transactions vol. 6

Transactions of the Burgon Society Volume 6 (2006) (13 MB)

Tudor Sumptuary Laws and Academical Dress: An Act against Wearing of Costly Apparel 1509 and AnAct for Reformation of Excess in Apparel 1533. Noel Cox
Doctors' Greens. Bruce Christianson
Masters of Grammar: A Forgotten Degree. Nicholas Groves
The Academical Dress of the University of Stirling, 1967-2006. Colin Fleming
Merging Traditions: Academical Dress and Nursing. Elizabeth Scott

Transactions vol. 7

Transactions of the Burgon Society Volume 7 (2007) (41 MB)

'By own Gowns Were We Known': The Development of Academic Dress at the University of Toronto. Matthew Cheung Salisbury
Lambeth Academic Dress and the University of London. Graham Zellick
Popularizing University Hoods and Gowns: Wills's Cigarette Cards, 1926. Nicholas Groves
The Robes of the Medical Royal Colleges and Other Societies: Medical Education outside the Universities. John L. Brennan
'Having Dignities ... ': Academic Attire as a Component of the Livery of the Chapel Royal. David Baldwin

Transactions vol. 8

Transactions of the Burgon Society Volume 8 (2008) (90 MB)

The Development of Academic Dress in the University of Warwick. Nicholas Jackson
The Cutting Edge of Academe: Trends in the Manufacture of Academical Dress. Kenneth Crawford
The Mastery of Midwifery of the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London. Anthony W. Fox & Dee Cook
The Origins of the University of Wales Robes. William Gibson & Nicholas Groves
The Use of the Academic Hood in Quire. Nicholas Groves
Hargreaves-Mawdsley's History of Academical Dress and the Pictorial Evidence for Great Britain and Ireland: Notes and Corrections. Alex Kerr
Academic Dress: Personal Reminiscences. Arthur B. Casey

Transactions vol. 9

Transactions of the Burgon Society Volume 9 (2009)

Officers, Fellows & Members; Events in 2009; From the Editors.
The Intercollegiate Code of Academic Costume: An Introduction. Stephen L. Wolgast (compiler)
Crow's Feet and Crimson: Academic Dress at Harvard. Nicholas A. Hoffman
Peculiar Habits: Academic Costumes at Princeton University. Donald L. Drakeman
King's Crowns: The History of Academic Dress at King's College and Columbia University. Stephen L. Wolgast
University Uniforms: The Standardization of Academic Dress in the United States. Robert Armagost
American Universities' Departure from the Academic Costume Code. David T. Boven
On the Making of the American Doctoral Gown. Kenneth Crawford
Many Coloured Coats: The Systems of Academical Dress in Nova Scotian Universities. John N. Grant
The 'Canadian Tradition' of Academical Costume in Nova Scotia: The Dalhousie University Model. John N. Grant
Timeline of Developments in Academic Dress in North America. Stephen L. Wolgast (compiler)
Authors & Editors; Burgon Society Shop.

Transactions vol. 10

Transactions of the Burgon Society Volume 10 (2010)

Officers, Fellows & Members; Events in 2010; From the Editors.
The Scarlet Gown: History and Development of Scottish Undergraduate Dress. Jonathan C. Cooper
'The remembrance whereof is pleasant': A Note on Walter Pope's Role in the Attempt to Abolish Academic Dress during the Commonwealth. William Gibson
Togas gradui et facultati competentes: The Creation of New Doctoral Robes at Oxford, 1895-1920. Alan J. Ross
A Dress without a Home: The unadopted Academic Dress of the Royal Institute of British Architects, 1923-24. Philip Goff
How Can Academical Dress Survive in the Third Millennium? Oliver James Keenan
Contributors; Burgon Society Shop.

Transactions vol. 11

Transactions of the Burgon Society Volume 11 (2011)

Officers, Events in 2011; Fellows & Members; Editor's Note.
Through the Needle's Eye; or, How I Became a Robemaker. Kerstin Fröberg
Academic Dress in Canterbury. Michael H. Brewer
The Academic Dress of the University of Hull From 1954 to the Present Day, Including the Hull York Medical School from 2003. Richard Baker
Academic Dress of the University of Leicester. Clifford Dunkley
The Demise of 'Faculty' Meanings in U.S. Hoods and a Manifesto for Change. Stephen L. Wolgast
Revisions to the Academic Dress of the University of Malta (L-Università ta' Malta). Nicholas Groves
Authors; Burgon Society Shop.

Transactions vol. 12

Transactions of the Burgon Society Volume 12 (2012)

Officers, Events in 2012; Fellows & Members; Editor's Note; Tribute to John Birch.
Tradition and Humour: The Academic Dress of the University of Glasgow. Neil Dickson
The Conservation of the Nineteenth-Century Student Gown in the Hunterian, University of Glasgow. Karen Thompson, Sally-Anne Coupar & Julie Benner
The Dress of the Rectors at the Scottish Universities. Jonathan C. Cooper
A Purple Passion? Queen's College Oxford and the Blood of the Lord. Bruce Christianson
Gowns Worn by MAs in the Early-Seventeenth-Century England and the Curious Case of Thomas Thornton's Sleeves. Alex Kerr
A Touch of Colour: Surveying Variation in American Academic Dress and a System of Categories for Departures. David T. Boven
A Study of the History and Use of Lace on Academical Gowns in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Charles Rupert Tsua
Authors; Burgon Society Shop.