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Membership Application Form

Annual membership of the Burgon Society costs: £35.00 for individual members in the UK
------------------------------------------------------------£40.00 for individual members outside the UK
------------------------------------------------------------£20.00 for students in full-time education
------------------------------------------------------------£50.00 for corporate members.

The Society anticipates members will treat these figures as minimum amounts and it is hoped that those who are able will contribute more. With this in mind the Society offers the option of paying monthly (minimum £3). Such payments must be by Standing Order. A Standing Order Mandate can be supplied.

As a Member, you will be entitled to attend meetings and receive copies of the Society's mailings. Upon successful submission of a research paper, you will be made a Fellow of the Burgon Society, which will additionally entitle you to vote at meetings, use the post-nominal letters FBS and wear the Society's hood.

To join the Burgon Society, complete the form below and send it to the Secretary, Alex Kerr. You can either print the form and send it to him at Alex Kerr, 11 Newton Road, Oxford OX1 4PT, UK, or save it as a PDF file and email it to him at with 'Burgon' in the subject line.

You can pay by the following methods:

Within the UK

Outside the UK

Additionally, within the USA

Title (Mr/Mrs/Dr etc)
Degrees held (& Institution)
E-Mail Address
Telephone No Home Work
Mobile/Cell Phone No
How did you first hear about us ?
Particular area(s) of interest History Practice Design Other
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Please register me as a member of the Burgon Society.

I am paying my membership fees by cheque / banker's draft / bank transfer / standing order / PayPal (select as appropriate).

I am content to receive official notices (e.g. notification of AGMs) by email / I would prefer to receive such notices by post (select as appropriate).

If you pay tax in the UK, the Burgon Society is able to reclaim the tax paid on your membership subscription if you enclose a gift aid declaration with your membership form.

A condition of membership is your agreement to the Society holding your details on computer under the headings shown on this form. The information is used solely in the efficient running of the Society by its officers and is not divulged to third parties. See the Society's Privacy Policy.

The Burgon Society is a registered charity in England and Wales (no. 1137522).