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The Photograph Album

Photographs from the 2010 Congregation of the Burgon Society can be found on the Society's Flickr pages.

A selection of photographs taken at previous Burgon Society events is displayed below. By hovering your cursor over an image, you can see which event is displayed.

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Congregation 2008 Congregation 2008 Visit to Monpellier 2007 Visit to Monpellier 2007 Congregation 2006 Congregation 2006 Visit to Chichester 2006 Visit to Chichester 2006 Garden Party 2006 Garden Party 2006 Congregation 2005 Congregation 2005 Garden Party 2005 Garden Party 2005 Vist to Oxford 2004 Vist to Oxford 2004 Council Meeting 2004 Congregation 2004 Vist to Platt Hall 2004 Garden Party 2004 Garden Party 2004 Congregation 2003 Congregation 2003 Congregation 2002 Congregation 2002