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Fellowship Research

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How to Apply

  1. Make sure that your subscription is up-to-date (or, if necessary, apply for Membership).

  2. Refer to the Guidelines for Research for information on the requirements of a fellowship submission.

  3. Fill in the Research Application Form with an outline of your proposed topic and send it to the Dean of Studies.

  4. The proposal will be considered by Council, who will make one of three decisions:

    (a) to accept the proposal as it stands;
    (b) to accept the proposal with some specific alterations;
    (c) to reject the proposal as not fulfilling the requirements.

  5. The Dean will communicate Council's decision to you. Assuming you are successful, you may proceed with the work upon payment of the appropriate Registration Fee.

  6. Council will again consider the work, and the Dean will inform you of one of the following results:

    (a) An outright pass;
    (b) A pass subject to corrections, such as spelling mistakes, typological errors, inadequate referencing or inaccurate quotations;
    (c) A referral for substantive re-writing, with an indication of the lines along which it should be re-written;
    (d) An outright fail.

  7. Successful candidates who wish to 'read in' will be notified of the time and place of the next meeting being held for this purpose.