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Successful Fellowship Submissions

The following is a list of all successful submissions for fellowship of the Burgon Society, listed by the date of the Congregation at which the authors were admitted.


Philip Lowe, Manchester Academic Dress: The Origins and Development of Academical Dress at the Victoria University of Manchester, 1880 to the present day

Nicholas Groves, The Academical Robes of Saint David's College Lampeter (1822-1971)

Noel Cox, Academical Dress in New Zealand


John Lundy, Academical Dress of the Republic of South Africa, with Especial Reference to the University of Witwatersrand

Steven Plank, Academic Regalia at Oberlin: the Establishment and Dissolution of a Tradition

Ambrose Southward, Is Academic Dress obsolete in the 21st Century?; St Bees Theological College, 1816-1898: A Study of Academical Dress; and Carlisle and Blackburn Diocesan Training Institute: Its Hood


Bill Gibson, The Regulation of Undergraduate Academic Dress at Oxford and Cambridge, 1660-1832


Nicholas Gledhill, A Study of the Regulation of Academical Dress at the University of Sheffield

Thorsten Hauler, Academical Dress in Germany: A Historical Outline and the Development of a New System


Clifford Dunkley, Academic Dress of the University of Leicester

Liz Scott, Nurses and Academic Dress


Colin Fleming, The Academical Dress of the University of Stirling 1967-2005

John Brennan, The Robes of the Medical Royal Colleges and Other Societies - Medical Education outside the Universities

Matthew Cheung Salisbury, By our gowns were we known: The development of Academic Dress at the University of Toronto

David Baldwin, Having Dignities...: Academic Attire as a Component of the Livery of the Chapel Royal


Nicholas Jackson, The Development of Academic Dress in the University of Warwick

Kenneth Crawford, The Cutting Edge of Academe: Trends in the Manufacture of Academical Dress


John Grant, Many Coloured Coats: The Systems of Academical Dress in Nova Scotian Universities

Donald Drakeman, "Peculiar Habits": Academic Costumes at Princeton University

Stephen Wolgast, King's Crowns: The History of Academic Dress at King's College and Columbia University

Michael Brewer, Academic Dress in Canterbury

Richard Baker, The Academic Dress of the University of Hull 1954 to the present day, and including the Hull York Medical School from 2003


Robert Armagost, University Uniforms: The Standardization of Academic Dress in the United States

David Boven, American Universities' Departure from the Academic Costume Code

Jonathan Cooper, The Scarlet Gown: History and Development of Scottish Undergraduate Dress

Les Robarts, The Vice-Chancellor's ad hoc Committee, University of West Bromich, Considers the Place of Academic Dress in a Contemporary University: A Dramatic Discussion


Nicholas Hoffman, Crow's Feet in Cambridge: the Academic Dress of America's Oldest University

Oliver Keenan, How can Academical Dress Survive in the Third Millennium?

Alan Ross, Togas Gradui et Facultati Competentes: the Creation of New Doctoral Robes at Oxford 1895-1920

Kathryn Douglas, Drawings for the Third Edition of Shaw's Academical Dress

Charles Tsua, A Study of the History and Use of Lace on Academical Gowns in the United Kingdom


Jason Tester, The Introduction and Practice of Academical Dress in Japan

Leonard Newton, Factors Influencing the Evolution of Academic Dress at Kenyatta University, Kenya

Neil Dickson, Tradition and Humour in the Academic Dress of the University of Glasgow

Charles Ko, The Development of Academic Regalia in China


Graham Deans, "Hooded Crows?"- A Reflection on Scottish Ecclesiastical Dress and Ministerial Practice from the Reformation to the Present Day

Andrew North, The Development of the Academic Dress of the University of Oxford, 1920-2012

Klaus Solberg Søilen, Academical Dress in Sweden


Seamus Hargrave, The Church and the Trencher: An examination into how England's changing theology and church has influenced the evolution and design of the square cap causing its use as academic attire


Kenneth Suit Jr, The Iridescent Web: American Degree Colours 1895 - 1935

Sandra Wearden, How Academic Dress is mobilised in relation to Degree Ceremonies


Peter Chiu, Academic Dress in China from 1994 to 2011

Peter Clarke, McKinlay's People: A Study of the Academic Dress of the University of Bradford

John Harding, Academical Dress and the Old Testament Prophets' Gowns: Some Observations on the Nature and Propriety of Academical Dress

John Lancaster, Dressing by Degrees: Academic Dress in British Columbia 1866-1966


Alice Hynes, Development of Academic Dress in Kingston University

Martin Lewis, Weaving the Fabric of Success: Exploring the Academic Attire of Eton College from 1440


Edmund Eggleston, The Academic Dress of the University of Essex

Michael Everett, Faculty Attitudes and Beliefs toward Use of Academic Regalia at a Land-Grant University

Thomas Goodman, The Academic Dress of the University of Birmingham

Steven Peay, 'Appropriate Hoods': The Development of Academic Dress at Nashotah House Theological Seminary