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The Burgon Society Wardrobe

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Items from UK Theological Colleges

    Chichester Theological College

  • Chichester Hood, Ryder & Amies, 1960s, Ref. WBS-242. View image.
  • Ripon College, Cuddesdon

  • Cuddesdon Hood, Shepherd & Woodward, 1979, Ref. WCP-001.
  • College of the Sacred Mission, Kelham

  • Kelham Hood, Unknown Maker, Mid C20th, Ref. WBS-086.
  • King's College, London

  • AKC Hood (1909-72), Ede & Ravenscroft, Mid C20th, Ref. WPG-200. View image.
  • Lambeth Palace

  • Lambeth STh Hood, Ede & Ravenscroft, c.1970s, Ref. WST-002.
  • Lambeth STh Hood, Ede & Ravenscroft, 2000s, Ref. WBS-159.
  • Llandaff Ordination Course

  • Llandaff Hood, Ede & Ravenscroft, 1990s, Ref. WBS-298.
  • London College of Divinity

  • ALCD Hood, Wm. Northam & Co, Mid C20th, Ref. WBS-120. This hood has the wrong colour lining.
  • ALCD Hood, Ede & Ravenscroft, Mid C20th, Ref. WBS-121.
  • ALCD Hood, Ede & Ravenscroft, 1974/5, Ref. WPG-119. From 1976, this hood was awarded to holders of the LTh from St John's Nottingham. View image.
  • Oak Hill College

  • Oak Hill Hood (post 1968), Wm. Northam & Co, Late C20th, Ref. WPGIL-008. View image.
  • Rochester Theological College

  • Rochester Hood, J.Wippell & Co, c.1960s, Ref. WPG-023. View image.
  • St Augustine's College, Canterbury

  • St Augustine's Hood, J.Wippell & Co (probably), Mid C20th, Ref. WPG-024. View image.
  • St Bees College, Cumberland

  • St Bees Hood (facsimile), Hand-made, c.2002, Ref. WNWG-062. View image.
  • Salisbury Theological College

  • Salisbury Hood (1966-72), J.Wippell & Co, Late 1960s/Early 1970s, Ref. WNWG-054. View image.
  • Wycliffe Hall, Oxford

  • Wycliffe Hall Hood, Unknown maker, c.1970s, Ref. WST-001.