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Hood of the Month

Every month, Hood of the Month presents a different hood from the Society's Wardrobe or elsewhere.

2016: May (FIBiol); Jun (Leicester PhD); Jul (RAU BSc); Aug (Glasgow MA); Sep (St Andrews DLitt); Oct (US PhD/DD); Nov (Acadia DMin); Dec (UEA MA)
2017: Jan (Aston BSc); Feb (Malta PhD); Mar (Wales MA); Apr (FTTS); May (London MD); June (MCollH/MCCEd); July (Derby MA); Aug (Lambeth STh); Sep (Nottingham BA); Oct (Simon Fraser BA); Nov (Cambridge LLB); Dec (York PGDip)
2018: Jan (NUA BA); Feb (Cambridge ScD); Mar (NUI MA); Apr (LSE PGDip); May (Sts Peter & Paul); Jun (Liverpool PhD); Jul (LLSM); Aug (FPhS); Sep (Keele BEd); Oct (Bucks New MA); Nov (FKA); Dec (ICMA)
2019: Jan (Sheffield MA); Feb (Bath MBA); Mar (Exeter DLitt); Apr (FVCM); May (Victoria MSc(Tech))

May 2016 : Fellow of the Institute of Biology (FIBiol)

Institution : The Institute of Biology

Award : Fellow (FIBiol)

Description : Blood red, lined with chlorophyll green, the cowl bordered inside with 1" gold.

Shape : Burgon [s2]

The robes for the Institute were designed by Dr George Shaw, FBS. The hood is Burgon shape [s2]. The shell is blood red, the lining chlorophyll green, thus covering the two principal branches of the science. Fellows (FIBiol) have a gold border as well. This example is a prototype in the Society's collection, given by Dr Shaw: the use of red damask was not approved, and hoods were made of plain red silk. The robes appear to be obsolescent since the Institute merged with the Biosciences Federation to form the (now Royal) Society of Biology.

Text by Nicholas Groves, FBS