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Hood of the Month

Every month, Hood of the Month presents a different hood from the Society's Wardrobe or elsewhere.

2016: May (FIBiol); Jun (Leicester PhD); Jul (RAU BSc); Aug (Glasgow MA); Sep (St Andrews DLitt); Oct (US PhD/DD); Nov (Acadia DMin); Dec (UEA MA)
2017: Jan (Aston BSc); Feb (Malta PhD); Mar (Wales MA); Apr (FTTS); May (London MD); June (MCollH/MCCEd); July (Derby MA); Aug (Lambeth STh); Sep (Nottingham BA); Oct (Simon Fraser BA); Nov (Cambridge LLB); Dec (York PGDip)
2018: Jan (NUA BA); Feb (Cambridge ScD); Mar (NUI MA); Apr (LSE PGDip); May (Sts Peter & Paul); Jun (Liverpool PhD); Jul (LLSM); Aug (FPhS); Sep (Keele BEd); Oct (Bucks New MA); Nov (FKA); Dec (ICMA)
2019: Jan (Sheffield MA); Feb (Bath MBA); Mar (Exeter DLitt); Apr (FVCM); May (Victoria MSc(Tech))

July 2017 : University of Derby MA

Derby MA
Institution : The University of Derby

Award : All Masters' Degrees

Description : Black, lined and the cape bound ¼" scarlet, the cowl bound 2½" pale blue.

Shape : Cambridge [f1]

The University of Derby started life in 1851 as a teacher training college. It amalgamated with several other colleges, and eventually became the Derby College of Higher Education, gaining university status in 1992. The hoods are based round scarlet, pale blue, and black, and follow a grade-hood system.

Text by Nicholas Groves, FBS