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The Burgon Society

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Hood of the Month

Every month, Hood of the Month presents a different hood from the Society's Wardrobe or elsewhere.

2016: May (FIBiol); Jun (Leicester PhD); Jul (RAU BSc); Aug (Glasgow MA); Sep (St Andrews DLitt); Oct (US PhD/DD); Nov (Acadia DMin); Dec (UEA MA)
2017: Jan (Aston BSc); Feb (Malta PhD); Mar (Wales MA); Apr (FTTS); May (London MD); June (MCollH/MCCEd); July (Derby MA); Aug (Lambeth STh); Sep (Nottingham BA); Oct (Simon Fraser BA); Nov (Cambridge LLB); Dec (York PGDip)
2018: Jan (NUA BA); Feb (Cambridge ScD); Mar (NUI MA); Apr (LSE PGDip); May (Sts Peter & Paul); Jun (Liverpool PhD); Jul (LLSM); Aug (FPhS); Sep (Keele BEd); Oct (Bucks New MA); Nov (FKA); Dec (ICMA)
2019: Jan (Sheffield MA); Feb (Bath MBA); Mar (Exeter DLitt); Apr (FVCM); May (Victoria MSc(Tech))

May 2018 : Sts Peter and Paul Missionary College, Dorchester

Sts Peter and Paul
Institution : Sts Peter and Paul Missionary College, Dorchester

Award : n/a

Description : Black stuff, unlined, bound on all edges with ⅜" mid-blue silk.

Shape : Burgon [s2]

Founded in 1878 to educate, for work abroad, men who could not afford a university course. It closed in 1944. The hood is burgon shape [s2], in black stuff, unlined, and bound on all edges with three-eighths of an inch of mid-blue silk.

Text by Nicholas Groves, FBS