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Privacy Policy

and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

In May 2018 a significant change and consolidation of the Data Protection law will be introduced. We need to explain to you our role in managing the personal data that you have given us in the light of this new legislation. Personal data is any information in physical or digital form that identifies any aspect of you and includes, for example, name, address, title, qualifications, profession or occupation, telephone, email and financial.

We hold physical data in the form of completed application and gift aid forms, which are kept securely with the Secretary and Treasurer as appropriate. Similarly, digital data is held in the membership database, which is stored in secure storage, via a password protected computer, only accessed by the Secretary. The Treasurer and Secretary share files containing membership data for accounting and mailing purposes. The Secretary and Chairman also have a record of who handles personal data and how.

Your relationship with us: data protection

Your relationship with us: communication preference

If you have not provided an email address, we will normally communicate with you by post. Very occasionally we may telephone you about your membership, if you have given us your telephone number.

The new legislation requires each organisation to identify the Data Controller and the Data Processor who are primarily responsible for ensuring good management and security of personal data. The Data Controller is responsible for determining the need and means for processing personal data (in any format), and the Treasurer will undertake this responsibility. The Data Processor is responsible for processing the data on behalf of the Data Controller and the Secretary fulfils this role.

The legislation introduces a number of individual rights; these include the following:

Colin Fleming
Chairman, The Burgon Society
April 2018